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On August 5, 2012 our city will host Cobra Energy Drink Iron Man 70.3 Philippines. This will be the largest gathering of domestic and foreign athletes in the city - 1,700 of them. For months now the city government has been preparing for this international triathlon.

Sports tourism continues to be a pillar of our city's tourism program. It is a tourism product that Lapu-Lapu is able to offer with great advantage. We have the resorts,
this Hoops Dome and the human resource to handle international sports activities.
I call on every Oponganon to help the city roll out the red carpet. Let us show them our warm hospitality.

On August 5, the road from the second bridge to Pusok, Ibo, Mactan and Punta Engano will be closed for eight hours to give way for the race.

I would like invite you to go to the streets and watch and cheer for the triathletes, among them are Richard Guiterrez, Matteo Guidicelli, Jennelyn Mercado and Piolo Pascual.

The city will deploy along the race route around 25,000 well wishers on that day.

There will be 65 vintas that will line the Hilutungan Channel. They will be  stationed in front of Shangri-la Mactan Resort and Spa, Movenpick Hotel Cebu and at the Portofino Beach Resort to cheer the swimmers.

A jelly fish catching contest will also be held a few hours before the event to ensure that the sea where the swimmers will compete will be free from sting.

To those living along the race route from Pusok to Punta Engano please make sure to keep at bay your animals.

The bike leg of the competition must be kept safe by freeing the streets of stray animals. Let us not allow any accident to happen because of a stray dog or cat or worse because of a stray cow.

By mid afternoon on August 5, Lapu-Lapu City will hold "Race Dance", a street party to celebrate the city's success in hosting the world class event. It will also provide a venue where tourists and Oponganons party.

The Race Dance will have six disco stations among the many features of the event. These stations will be brought to us by the different mainland barangays.

To the barangay captains, my heartfelt gratitude for your support in making the hosting of Iron Man a success.

- Mayor Paz C. Radaza


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